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A Christian perspective on Valentines Day!

Oh Dreary Day by ClickFlashPhotos.

This is a day.  Just that.  Not a special day.  Just a day for hallmark to sell cards and make money...along with the host of other companies...chocolate, jewelry and the like.

What does Valentines day sending a card have to do with Christianity, Love, and the message of Jesus Christ.  Absolutely nothing.

 The History...Idolatry from the Catholic Church and the cannonization of what they call a saint and Paganism and their perverted and twisted ideals to potray a fornicating as something spiritual and acceptable.

Nobody knows the true origin of Valentines day, but the Pagans and their mythology ascribe it to  a shewolf of some sort and tie it to the some rite of purity, but like most of their traditions, are tied to lustfulness and the convenient tying to 'purification' but is nonetheless nothing more that a ritual of sin indulgence.

Then you have the catholics who try to attribute to a cannonized saint.  This is just a mere form of idolatry and worshipping under pretenses of false teaching.

To put distance between the grubby and sinful roots of Valentines Day, modern humanists and pagans try to attribute it to a parallel of birds choosing mates and nest building.

The focus of Valetines Day is not love but romance.  But they are not one in the same.  You find no love in romance and no romance in love.  It is a contextual oxymoron.  Satan seduces the gulliable into thinking they are synomonous.  But an expression of lustful wants or rituals is not what God defined for love.  God invented love.  He defined it.  He perfected it.  And it has nothing to do with Valentines Day.

Love is the unselfish giving of ones heart to another, it knows no sacrifice.  Romance is imaginary, tempermental and vain.  The antidote for romance is love.  Real love is what you experience with a personal relationship with Christ.  And it then and only then when you can experience a Love that is genuine, never changes, and never fails.

Want to see what you celebrate next to and wher it comes from...take a gander:

Let them bark at the moon and just let Valentines day just be another sick day in the life of the unsaved. - mndapa1

Christians...we are to be in the world...not of it.

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You behave as though the origins are something Pagans strive to hide. All of your religious holidays are co-opted from pagan fertility traditions throughout the year. This is not new information.

"My country is the world, and my religion is to do good." Thomas Paine

sorry to hear

you are sexually repressed too...but I guess one could have surmised that already given your general ranting and raving and blatant misogyny.

"My country is the world, and my religion is to do good." Thomas Paine

oh and

thanks for the link to new witch! That's a fantastic site...not all of it do I ascribe to or even agree with, but it's a great site nonetheless! KUDOS MNDAPA1!

"My country is the world, and my religion is to do good." Thomas Paine