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Living with labs. . . . .

So I am still trying to figure out what to put in this best selling book about living with two labradors. Owning two dogs can be quite an adventure or it can just be a lot of work. The older dog has been through three obedience classes and one agility training class. And now that I feel like I am "trained" I don't see much of a reason to take the younger dog to classes. It's not that I don't know what to do, but merely a matter of spending the time and making the dogs do that routine stuff like heel, sit, stay and down.

They actually do pretty well with the sit, stay and down. But the heel, well, maybe dog trainers insist that dogs heel, but all I want is that they don't pull my arm out of its socket when we go for a walk.

Quite frankly, these are no ordinary dogs. They know a lot of things - such as that white plastic jug that I get out of the refrigerator contains milk - one of their favorite things in the world. They also know the cupboard that contains their dog food and dog biscuits and that if they sit in front of it long enough, it might open.

When there is some sort of special treat to be had, the older dog will spin in circles and the younger dog will jump with all four feet (well, paws) coming off the ground. The younger dog doesn't understand how to spin, however, he will "get his tail". So he does understand the concept of going in circles.

There was also the time we taught the dogs to "get the towel" that used to be the typical towel that hung on the refrigerator door. The older dog would leave it until asked. However, the pup seems to think that if he brings the towel even when he isn't asked to get it, will lead to food of some sort. Hmmm, is the dog smarter than the humans he lives with?

Treat cupboard

My dog also knows all about the treat cupboard. At night, all of a sudden we'll notice he's just standing and starting at the cupboard. "Has Murphy hads his treats?" we'll ask. Obviously not. He won't go to bed until he gets those three small treats.

And in the morning after our walk, he immediately goes to that cupboard for his large Milk Bone of the day. This morning I found him at the cuboard BEFORE our walk. That only happens on Saturdays and Sundays.