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When you sign up at, all of your personal information is kept strictly private. No one will ever see anything that your don't want them to see. As a matter of fact, the only information about you that is public is located in the Public Profile section of your account.


To meet new people, it's important that you tell them about yourself. There are two ways to do this. By submitting a picture, adding your profile text and your interests, you may be listed in the Meet New People section. The other way to meet new people, and much more effective, is to get out there and contribute! Contributing can be writing a blog, uploading photos, or commenting on others blogs.


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Filling out your custom profile is a snap. You can either do it during the signup process or after you're account is validated.


Once you've signed up, login to the site. Next, edit your profile. By clicking on 'edit your profile' , 'Go to full profile', 'my account'.