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How to create a blog and post comments

1. If you are not logged in then click on 'Write a blog' in the left navigation bar. If you are not a registered user then by clicking this you will be prompted to register and if your are registered then it will prompt you to login after that it will redirect you to the page that allows you to add your blog.

If you are logged in then in the left navigation then select 'Post A Blog'.

2. Fill in the Title, and type your message in the Body box.

Try to make your Title brief, but informative.

3. If you'd like to include a photo, click the 'image' icon in the format menu just above the Body box.

4. Scroll down and 'Preview' your post. When you're ready, click 'Submit'.

To comment on someone else's blog

1. Make sure you are logged in. On the blogs page, click on the title of a blog to see the full thread.

2. Scroll down to the end of the thread, where you will see 'Post New Comment'.

3. Type in a subject and comment, add an image if you desire, then Preview your post. When you're ready, click 'Post Comment'.