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colonelbuckrobely's blog

New Math

Are you aware this is what the Minnesota Legislature has instituted in our state school systems?  This is the new math that they feel will put us ahead of other states.  What do you think? 

American dependence

Where is the responsibility?

Obama grants two more lobbyists waivers

Transparency you say, keeping campaign promises, clearly not. 


Your daily humor

I received this from a friend this morning and found it amusing.  I hope you do as well.

This could bring a tear to a glass eye.

I was sent this link and wanted to share it.  The article is long but I hope you will read it in its entirety.  It is worth the read. 

How about this warm weather?

Doesn't this make you want to sit around a campfire roasting some brats or smoking some ribs?  How about a couple side dishes like coleslaw and baked beans, all while you watch shooting stars? 

Any cat owners here?

You might enjoy this site. 

 Be sure to check the 'all captions' thread below for more photos.

Three suggestions for members here.

These are nothing more than reminders since you are all aware of these.

1.  This year support your local farmers' and crafters markets.

2.  Support your local food shelf.  There are still people who need a 'handup'.

Cousa squash

Do any of you grow cousa squash?  I am going to grow them again.  We had a neighbor some years ago who was originally from Lebanon.  She was the best cook I have ever known.  She grew cousas, picked them young and stuffed them with a concoction of ground lamb, rice, tomatoes and a pinch of cinnoman.   Young zuchinni work as well. There are a few other spices involved also. If anyone wants the recipe I think I can dig it up, although I was never able to match her results.

Is anyone tired of blogging?

I have so much good information but just don't feel up to posting it on either of the sites here.  Do any of you feel the same?  At some point one becomes burned out by it all.

I still post over at Bitter Politicz occasionaly because of a long freindship  with those people.  But I will be limiting posts here to an occassional basis. If I feel there is something useful from a local perspective I will be back.

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