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A Christian perspective on Valentines Day!

Oh Dreary Day by ClickFlashPhotos.

This is a day.  Just that.  Not a special day.  Just a day for hallmark to sell cards and make money...along with the host of other companies...chocolate, jewelry and the like.

What does Valentines day sending a card have to do with Christianity, Love, and the message of Jesus Christ.  Absolutely nothing.

The Revolution Begins


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Oh yes...more "Change " we can live without

Obama Orders Case Against USS Cole Bomber Dropped After Military Judge Refused to do so.....

Another one bite the dust...this makes 4.....yeehaw

More Tax Problems: Labor Pick Solis Cancels Hearing


 Janet Murguia, Rep. Joe Baca, Rep. Hilda Solis by HispanicCaucus.

A Senate committee today considering President Barack Obama's nomination of Rep. Hilda Solis to be labor secretary was abruptly cancelled – apparently because of a report saying that her husband yesterday paid tax liens against his business that were 16 years old.

More "Change" we can live without...Senate Stimulus: 300,000 Jobs for Illegals?

1 in 7 New Construction Jobs Could Go to Illegal Immigrants


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